About Sea Charms

For all my life my family has vacationed on Little Cranberry Island, off Mount Desert Island, Maine. My sisters, cousins and I would spend many August days combing the beach for sea glass. We knew there would be plenty to find as my father would 'recycle' all the bottles that we had collected during the previous Summer.

He would recycle them by breaking them on the rocks in front of our house at low tide. Because of that, his children, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren were able to find amazing pieces of sea glass for many summers to come.

As an adult I still have lots of the sea glass that I gathered as a child. My whole family still collects it! I have some of it in a glass bowl surrounding candles, I have some it in small vases on my window sills, and now I use some of it to make Sea Charms.

A good friend of mine makes amazing jewelry from beads and silver wire, and she inspired me to try using my sea glass to make jewelry. All my jewelry is wrapped in sterling silver wire. Accessories are wrapped in sterling silver coated, copper wire, and I use 1 bead for each charm. I sell them on sterling silver or waxed cotton chains.

Every single piece of sea glass has been found on the ocean's edge. None of my pieces have been "tumbled" in any man-made way. The glass comes from bottles that have been broken on the rocky beach, and tumbled only by the ocean's waves. Each charm is absolutely unique. I also make Sea Charms from other people's sea glass, and am very happy to do so. If you have a special piece that you would like to be custom made into a Sea Charm, please contact me at seacharmsmaine@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting the site! Nina Houghton - Designer

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